Dermalogica Skin Care Treatments

Venus Victoria Salon and Spa of Etobicoke is proud to offer Dermalogica skin care treatments to all our clientele. We have mini-facials, customized skin care treatments, calming, soothing facials, specialized acne and targeted zone treatments and more – just browse the list below to learn more about the many different types of facial we have available.

And don’t forget that you can book Dermalogica skin care sessions alone as single treatments or in combination with any of our other beauty services, such as waxing, eyelash and eyebrow tints and more. Please contact our Etobicoke salon to find out how our beauty experts and Dermalogica can pamper your face and more!. 



Dermalogica Skin Care Treatment

Dermalogica is one of the most popular facial treatments in our Etobicoke salon! One of our expert skin therapists will first talk to you to find out about your skin type, your skin cleansing routine and any concerns you may have, and then will design a unique, customized facial experience specifically for you. This will start off with a deep cleanse, followed by toning, exfoliation, steaming, blackhead extraction and a masque. Finish up with a refreshing skin toner and light moisturizer and you are all set to go.

Single 1-hour session - $85
Series of three 1-hour treatments - $225.




Ultimate Mini-Facial by Dermalogica

Don’t have much time? Our Dermalogica ultra-quick mini facial will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed in just half an hour.

30 minute session - $55
Series of three mini-facials - $150.


UltraCalming™ Dermalogica Sensitive Skin Treatment

If you have red, super-sensitive, reactive skin our extra-soothing Dermalogica UltraCalming™ treatment is ideal for you. It is not only the ideal way to soothe your skin irritation but will also help to control and treat your condition so that it doesn’t flare up again anytime soon. The unique Dermalogica UltraCalming™ formulas penetrate deep to the triggers that cause that stinging, itching sensation and help to replenish even the most inflamed and aggravated of facial skin. With regular repeat sessions you can recover your skin health and transform the redness into a healthy glow.

1 hour session - $95
Series of three 1-hour sessions - $255.


MediBac Acne Treatment

The gentle but potent MediBac formula can tame and control your acne flare-ups right from your very first MediBac facial. You’ll start with a deep facial cleanse followed by an expert exfoliation and extraction to eliminate those pore clogging dead skin cells without spreading the acne-causing bacteria to other parts of your face. The next step is a soothing, detoxification masque which will calm redness and any remaining irritation, and finally a light application of oil-free, UV blocking hydrating fluid to help control excess oils and protect your skin from sun damage. You’ll leave feeling soothed and refreshed with your skin looking smoother and less irritated.

1-hour session - $95
Series of three 1-hour sessions - $255.


AGEsmart Treatment

Does your skin look tired and faded and each day shows more signs of aging? Why not give yourself a confidence boost with our amazing AGEsmart revitalizing treatment which will energize, regenerate and nourish your skin in one powerful session! The innovative use of a vitamin enriched, hydroxy acid exfoliating formula helps to resurface and retexture your skin’s outer layers and our potent energizing massage technique will stimulate the facial muscles to release any tension and relax the tired, clenched look that sometimes appears when we are stressed. AGEsmart facials are ideal for devitalized, mature and even prematurely aged skin. You’ll walk away from the salon with a smoother, firmer, more youthful look and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

75 minute session - $120
Series of three 75 minute sessions - $330.



MicroZonesm treatments are the perfect 20-minute spot fixes for problem facial areas such as sagging eyes, dried lips, outbreaks of blackheads, and more. They are ideal alone or for quick touch-ups between Dermalogica sessions to keep your skin looking fresh and vitalized. After a consultation with one of our professional skin analysts we will devise a targeted zone therapy to tackle your specific facial zone issue and after just 20 minutes of targeted therapy you will walk away feeling like new! Give yourself a boost - why not add on a microZonesm treatment to any of our other skin therapies?

20 minute session - $35.

Eye Rescue Treatment

Our calming blend of therapeutic vitamins, proteins and firming peptides will tone, revitalize and lift your tired, washed-out looking eye area. We’ll apply a gentle exfoliator to eradicate those dried-out, dead upper skin layers and follow this up with a soothing masque that will refresh, rejuvenate and revive your eye area leaving you with a brighter, invigorated, more youthful appearance.

Lip Renewal Treatment

How often do you focus your beauty therapy on the lip area – even though a bright, healthful smile is probably your most attractive feature? Pamper your lips for once with our unique lip renewal treatment which will hydrate, condition, smooth and plump up your lips in one short, 20 minute session.

Blackhead Relief

Eliminate those blackhead zones before they erupt into something worse! Our unique, targeted blackhead treatment focuses on deep cleansing and purifying your skin so that your whole face radiates clear, healthy, blemish free vitality.

Rapid Spot Clearing

Expedite zone-specific breakout clearing with extensive cleansing and ingredients to clear sebum and impactions. Also works to help skin recover from inflamed lesions.

Quick Spot Elimination

This is a great way to speed up recovery from localized out-breaks of spots. Our deep cleanse, exfoliation, and toning treatments help to eliminate the sebum and other congestants that are blocking your pores so that your skin can quickly recover from inflammation, redness and all types of pimples.

Hand Focus and Repair

Your hands are one of the most exposed of body parts and also one of the first places to reflect the aging process, yet we rarely give them the beauty focus they deserve. Soothe and revitalize your hands’ appearance with our special, extra strength, deep moisturizing paraffin wax bath that will plump out the fine lines leaving your skin ultra-smoothed and more youthful looking.

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